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Datapersona is one of the first on-demand, fully automatic, personalization engines to be offered as a complete and mature product. It is the brainchild of Dr. Eyal Engelhardt Ari and Moshe Kranc. Datapersona represents years of research and practical development in the field of search technologies, content aggregation and synthesis, machine learning, NLP, and Big-data.

Datapersona harnesses big-data to provide end-users with a personal UX and customers with insights about those users. Using unique proprietary ‘real-world’ minded algorithms, the system is capable of dynamically tailoring content and/or search results to match the interests of each individual user across all devices.

Key features:

  • Automatic acquisition of content-side data from any number of sources and any content repository (e.g. front-end, CMS, DB, etc.)
  • Unique NLP driven proprietary content discovery semantic engine
  • Patent pending Machine Learning driven user profiling mechanism
  • Powerful single-session and cross-session User-Centric (personalization) search/Discovery engine
  • APIs to deliver ubiquity across video, content management and search ecosystems
  • On-demand BI system that provides insights into content-side and user-side data and the interactions between them

Key advantages:

  • Easy to integrate, easy to use
  • Fully transparent & tunable
  • Unlocks hidden value in content
  • Provides deep insights into content-side and user-side data
  • Enhances user-engagement
  • Optimizes monetization efforts

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