Big-data powerhouse – a self sustaining content directory

The advent of cloud-computing, big-data processing technology, and noSQL ecosystems, have enabled the design and development of automated self-sustaining systems.

One such example is – a self-sustaining showcase local directory designed and developed by a team of of Israeli experts. This product combines cloud-computing infrastructure, big-data processing tech, noSQL ecosystem, machine learning, NLP and an admittedly ugly design (a bit of self irony is always good) to enable an automated system to continually generate and serve quality up-to-the-moment content without any human intervention:

  • 100% of the listings (over 60k), including description texts, are continually being generated and published automatically by the system
  • The system is self-sustaining requiring no human intervention. The showcase site on which the platform is deployed as has reached a PR5 rating
  • Due to the high quality and usefulness of the content, Google is picking up and indexing the listings as original content, and the site remains unaffected by Panda or Penguin
  • The system is platform-agnostic and can be used to serve all 4 screens (desktop, smart phones, tablets, smartTVs)

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What it’s all about

People search the internet for information to help them decide on things from ‘who am I’ to ‘where should I eat dinner’. As info is the basis for decision making, better and more focused info is the basis for quicker and easier decision making. Personalizing content and search results is a powerful way to provide such focused quality info. Instead of ‘2845 results for Italian Restaurants in NYC’, a more effective approach would be ‘Check out these 3 restaurants’ where each one is just right for you in terms of location, time of day, personal preferences, and other parameters. But how can a machine ‘decide’ which results to serve for each user personally? The answer lies in understanding what is a decision and how we make decisions.

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